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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Hello! Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. Below is a list of answers to some of the most common questions. We hope you find this section helpful.  However if you have any other questions or concerns that we have not covered in our FAQ’s section, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

  How does the platform work?
Please see "How It Works" on the site OORinMotion.Info.

  Can I change my wallet address? 
For security purposes, your wallet address can only be changed only by requesting at

  When I sign up and send my $10 or $100 donation, where does the crypto go?
The crypto currency goes to the NowPayment account.

  Are the donations sent to me directly by the people under me or is the crypto held by OOR and then distributed?
The crypto is sent to the individual in the receiving position.

  What happens if I can’t find 3 people to sign up? 
If you do not have 3 personal referrals, you may not have a complete cycle. It is best to seek help from your sponsor in order for you to have your 3 referrals connected to you.

  Can I have more than 3 referrals?
Yes.  Any referral after your 3rd on, will go to help someone in your downline.

  Once I receive donations from all 12 people, and the system re-enters me, does the same 12 people follow me through again? 
The system is set up for you to follow your sponsor. However, if your sponsor is not in position, the system will place you in the next available position.

  Can I have more than 1 position?
Only 1 position is allowed.

  When are withdrawals sent?
Withdrawals are sent on Monday and Thursday between the hours of 9:00 to 12:00 PM EST 

 Is there a minimum withdrawal amount required before receiving payment from NowPayment?
The minimum withdrawal amount allowed is $10 in USDT TRC20

 Is it possible for the amount received from OORinmotion to be transferred to non members?
Presently members are unable to transfer between each other.

  Are there any refunds?
ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ALLOWED!  This is a member to member platform.  Your donation goes to another member and not to admin.

  Are there any transaction fees?
Yes.  NowPayments and crypto exchanges charge a service fee for sending and withdrawals, of which has nothing to do with OOR.  When sending cryptocurrency, there are fees involved.  Please check before sending.

  What happens if the same wallet address is used for different accounts?
The system automatically sends out the withdrawals to the wallet address listed.  It is the members responsibility to monitor their accounts correctly.  

 How many advertising credits do I receive when I sign up?
The amount of advertising credits is determined by the level of a member.
Once registered, you are able to see your available credits in your back office.

When should I share my referral link?
You only share your referral link after your account has been confirmed and your donation has been approved.

What happens to accounts which are in a FREE status?
All accounts in FREE status will be removed from the system after 14days.

What happens to INACTIVE accounts?
If an account is inactive for more than 90 days, the account can be removed by admin.